mcspifferson has deactivated

hello! it's spiffy. i decided to delete my tumblr because it's been distracting me from important things and hurting my mental health more than healing. worry not! i'm totally fine. i've just gotta move on from this website, y'know?

if you didn't get the notice and still wanted to keep in touch with me via twitter/skype/facebook (in order of most use) please contact request me via skype (niftyspiff) with your name so i know who you are! i don't intend to return to tumblr.

the rest of this is mushy stuff don't read if u don't like feelings

mushy stuff

holy crap i can't believe i used tumblr from 2010 to 2014. it still amazes me how many great people i've befriended over the years and goddamn are some of you cool!! also cute. what the fuck everyone i know is cute. don't give me that self deprecating bullshit YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE. ACCEPT IT, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN SEE IT YET.

okay time out here's some real talk

you know what else you are? you are a goddamn human being and you are allowed to screw up. you will make mistakes. as humans, it's kind of our jobs. it's also a great way to learn. embarrassing but effective.

you have choices. some are big and some are small. the ones that make you happy, that propel you forward, that fill you with the will to live, that lift us all--try to make those choices daily.

you will struggle. god, will you struggle. but you know what? they never tell how you life is a constant battle. being "happy" doesn't mean living in a perfect world. it's working with what you've got. if what you've got sucks, find or make something that doesn't suck.

i don't have all the answers. i can't give you some emotional speech that will change your life, because only you control you.

that's all. :^)